Talking of mods, just added a new home-made scratchplate to the yellow 120. .any experience of a 311h. Quality in every single one, from the low end to high end. Sounds like a Pacifica Custom: this chap: Tony, the maker of Ironstone pickups is a great bloke and very helpful on the forum. Stereo-receivers. Cheers, Hey, I had an old 112mx natural finish and decided to give it a bit of a makeover. “I saw a Fret King Superhybrid for sale and, although they are great guitars, I can’t stand their Batwing headsocks and Wave scratchplates; they just seem to be trying too hard to NOT be Fenders when that is what they clearly are. I have them on my Pacifica 604w and on my US Telecaster but I’ve never had a problem with the regular Yamaha ones. I have found a few pictures of 412V serial numbers online (mostly on and the closest to mine in production order was also from January 2004, was numbered something like 1140, and had the silkscreened Korea mark. I got 2 120, lovely guitars, that I modified a bit. Just measure the size of the hole with a ruler, there are basically usually only two sizes. At this time I own about 14 Pacificas. Insane, is right. Dive bomb at the end, too. After countless pickup ripouts and additions, extra wiring, different tremolos he’s nearly back where he started too. I’d get onto one of the parts specialists and have a chat. Was mine skipped (manufacturer error), or does the “made in Korea” silkscreening only appear later in the original production run? The Yamaha Pacifica has been, for the past two decades, one of the most popular beginners electric guitars ever. And If you search for Yamaha guitars on eBay, there are a lot of Pacifica's out there. Doug, Check out the old Yamaha brochure in the link above. I will measure the bridge now. Just a 25 watter but a great sounding clean amp. They’re really helpful if you call them in the UK. i see ther is one with humbucker and P-90. Cheers, Tony. Hi Henk, so sorry for the slow response, WordPress hasn’t been sending me the messages for some reason so apologies. Are there any differences in any specs between the Yamaha Pacifica 612vii shipped in 2016 and the Yamaha Pacifica 612vii shipped in 2020? I wouldn’t bother with the new Pacificas, myself. Hi, what do you know about Pacifica 412v guitar? Not sure it’s worth the effort and cost when you can buy a Pacifica 102 with all that stuff done for you! So I started my quest for a Yamaha Pacifica with slightly better parts than the 112. The pickups and paint cost more than the guitar in some cases! Wax pot the pickups, The 612 would be much more versatile. I have a Pacifica 312ii old violin colour. Good job, thats what my pickup workshop walls are made of! Do you think I should attempt to sheild this guitar? I put a “Fender american standard” single coils pickups I had lying around and did all the wiring by myself too. Its absolutely great to talk with people who clearly have as much love for these guitars as I do. In fact this configuration has been used on much higher end ‘Superstrats’ like the Ibanez JEM series and a number of Suhr models. Tony thanks thats great advice I seem to have hit a sweet spot this morning by loweing all the pickups to what I would think by looking at them would be to low but it just sweet …I have 500k pots in the guitar but with a 47uf cap…if I put a 22 in what could I expect to change…tbh though the way she is sounding this morning from lowering the pups I best leave her alone lol..sorry for the numerous questions im total newbie to modding etc…. Originally developed in the 1990’s, the Yamaha Pacifica series has become one of the company’s best-selling entry-level electric guitars. SH-2 in the neck and SH-5 in the bridge. The guitar’s roots are on the west coast of the United States, where the first model was designed in California. I sanded the neck also, put the decals and sealed with shellac; the finish was nitrocellulose. Of course Leo put two tone controls on his strat (and then routed them through the same cap!) The Epiphone Casion I did is a piece of crap (like the vast, vast majority of cheap Epiphones) that I bought on a whim and have replaced the tuners as the originals wouldn’t stay in for more than five minutes, have replaced the pickups as the originals bore no relation to what a Casino is supposed to sound like and now worked on the setup. Yep, 24″ I think (quickly tries to convert 610mm into inches and fails). Have you discovered Ironstone Pickups yet? I emailed axesrus and I’m waiting for a reply. By the way: I made a mistake; the cream coloured Pacifica in the back (in the right) is a Pacifica 521. From what I can gather he was using his strat with the SSL1C in the bridge (similar to the current Seymour Duncan SSL5). Fenders are never one piece but a lot of people believe they are! Anyone know whether this is a rare custom model or a home-made custom job? It was modded with a rail type neck pickup and duncan bridge. Een hifi-versterker die je laat genieten van geweldig geluid. Go to 3:10ish and enjoy a beautiful short solo. I purchased an electric guitar 4 years ago under the impression it was a Yamaha Pacifica, only now looking at others and into buying others, have I notice there are none like it?? Wow, yes send some pictures to me to put on the site. This video is most clearly: Tell me about it! I own a Pacifica 120SJ: I just don’t like the look of most of them. First launched in 1990, the Pacifica series was driven by the California session scene where … I completely love loads of them. Great website, we love pacificas! My bad. Hi , I will pay attention to your suggestion and exchange the humbuckers for some other ones maybe some P90’S if I can find some decent priced second hand here in Mexico i like the smaller body on this guitar and will consider sanding the body and refinishing in a slightly darker tone will send images of the project as it is done. It looks like this guitar has two single coil pickups with a... Support this site by purchasing your gear through my affiliate links like: Learn more about how you can support To advertise this Yamaha offered the 112 in a natural finish. I assume this is because of how Yamaha organized which single coils were RWRP for the factory configuration. Is this weird that there’s no “made in Korea” mark? JB in bridge is a classics for many guitars for balanced rock-sound. I found that after installing a 4-connector dimarzio humbucker, splitting the humbucker and selecting position 2 (bridge+middle) did not result in hum cancelling. And you can get a pickguard from Guitars ELectric on ebay: HH pickguard, Does poly need a clear top coat..? Similarly with caps, 0.22uF (22nF) will preserve treble end response better than 0.47uF (47nF). Also I’d like to get an original top nut that was replaced with the one made of mammoth’s bone. I have other guitars to but guess which guitar I keep picking up.? and I already have an LP a bit like that which I never play. I emailed Yamaha and asked them about my ‘Natural Finished’ 604w, and they eventually replied and informed me that when the 604w was initially released they made a small number of them with a ‘Natural Finish’, mystery solved.”, John Ze from one of the Pacifica Facebook groups has done a great job on this 112 to make it highly unique-looking. Is it a proper short scale like a Fender Mustang? Cheers, Tony, OK, thanks for the link. Then any Stratocaster type pickups and wiring harnesses will work. The 311H is almost an exact replica of the 611HFM but lacks a few of the more 'professional' features of the high end model. So it kind of depends if you have a dominant playing style favouring bridge humbucker or single coils. Also replaced the middle single which I don’t use usually with a dummy and made new wiring with tele switch and 2 push-pull potentiometers for split mode in every pickup. Some great cost saving advice here, especially the slug tape (only ever seen discussions about tin foil on forums before but never slug tape) and grub screws… I’ll not be sawing any more of mine short again! Yes, I can understand that. But the 120 will need a lot of work to convert it to tele style pickups: the routes are all wrong, in the wrong places and of course you’d need a new bridge to make it a proper tele style guitar. They look similar at first glance but they aren’t. Has anyone ever seen or know of Pac 120 in sunburst color? tia. Initially intended by Lasner and Knapp as a test project, Yamaha Japan chose to … Haven’t tried Irongear myself but I’d seriously recommend GFS pickups. I have to disagree with this I came across a 412v used and I have to say had I not had a 112vmx I would have bought it but I didn’t think it was of a better build . Really interesting. Simon. My feeling is the old 90s guitars are better made than the new ones but it may be just that they’re old and played in by the time I buy them! Today the range includes 15 models from the entry level PAC012 to the higher end … I never look anywhere else now because his prices easily compete with the likes of Artec and I like what they do. From here you CAN raise the action to follow the curve of the fretboard if you need more clearance for heavy strumming but, again, no buzz is my guide. I sanded and steel-wooled the body down to smooth raw wood. Nieuwe en tweedehands muziekinstrumenten vind je op Marktplaats. Proudly ONLY MY SON decided to do the Nirvana track, everyone else said it was too difficult to arrange. Well you’re probably right about the build quality but I’d still go for the 412 on looks alone. Oooh, good idea. Will definitely use them again and can highly recommend. Yep, I have a similar story. Description: The Yamaha Pacifica 812V is an made-in-Korea offset double-cut strat like guitar with an alder body that has the Yamaha R1000V vibrato system machined with stainless … green with the P90s that really caught my eye. Your local Yamaha dealer can get you one, otherwise keep your eyes peeled on Ebay. My pleasure. Yamaha started producing the Pacifica series in the early 1990s. And prime it first. Are you heavy handed etc…most pacifica can get really good action set up correctly. The other guitar had a sad story but with a happy ending. They’re really helpful so give them a shout and I’m sure they’ll sort you out. It’s a question of a)whether the mounting holes line up. This site isn’t affiliated to Yamaha in any way so can’t supply you with dealers etc. Early in 2007 Yamaha introduced an upgraded model in all but price. Thanks for visiting the site. You can end up searching for something you will never find…I myself as all of us at some point i suspect have got carried away trying to find that tone in your head..The problem is it doesnt exist, it an unachievable goal. But it may be that another manufacturer uses the same size. I feel the calling…any religion…it’s calling…it’s calling…. Fantastic customer service too. I haven’t played them either, but I like to think that they have the thin and comfortable necks that most Yamaha strat/tele bodies have. This has always been my least favourite thing about the Pacifica, when sitting down on the sofa, the cable catches on cushions and so on. My Pacifica 112 was bad right out of the box. But TELES, they’re all the rage. Beware, guitar building can become a bit of an addiction! I own a PacificaTelecaster style, which has installed a couple of Dimarzio Fast Track pickups. All original parts on it. So moving from a 47nF to a 22nF cap will mean you will get more brightness at number 10 on the tone dial, and simultaneously less treble roll off at the number 1 position. If you’re changing stuff for appearance purposes you might think about tuners with pearloid buttons or something but otherwise I wouldn’t bother unless you’re constantly breaking strings or something. Come to think of it, there is a very hollow, nasal quality to this sound which might be why it’s not fitting into my song anyway. It’s all Kurt Kobain’s fault! Or are they completely identical in every way? What a dope. As far as I am aware the differences are just cosmetic, as you say. Interesting one this. There are some instructions in my How to Customise page or this is a great video: and part two here: I’ve replaced the pickups in all my Pacifica Teles to give them a little more personality. Also do you think I would be able to pull out the p90 in the neck of a 311h and put humbucker straight in if I got the hh pickguard. Its seems that there is plenty info on this link I havent done anything to the frets yet but plan on getting the job done with a certified luthier instead of messing up the guitar. Cost me nil pence precisely. I’ve read they are great playing guitars. Thomann usually stamp their deko instruments with a little ‘D’ on the backs of the necks, usually around the heel, so beware of one claiming to be ‘almost perfect just a slight ding on the back of the neck’. Because I'm looking for a (fat)strat-like guitar. Wish they did! For that reason I wouldn’t go for a 620 as it’s too like an SG (which I wouldn’t say ‘no’ to!) I’d second that. .? If you’ve got a specific link to a YT vid you’d recommend that would be great too. Just realised there’s a link to the 604 wiring higher up this thread!! nice guitars im selling my strat to get anotherone. PS. These guitars are a no brainer it amazes me why more people aint playing them ok I can understand if you got big hands you might not enjoy the neck so much but I suspect they just dont get a look in being a …”YAMAHA” . Cheers. Yes, just black ‘open frame’ style. I quite like being different and maybe this is why I bought one I mean its all to easy to get a strat everyone gets a strat and if thats what u like then fill your boot’s . Hi Pat, thanks for visiting the site. So after some searching I came accross the following guitars and summed up how they differ spec wise in an infographic. Hi there, I need your help!! Si, Hello Simon, Hi Neill! You can even buy these as ready-wired sets so you just need to screw them onto the scratch plate and solder them to the pickups. As to whether it’s worth fixing up, as long as the neck and frets are in good shape, definitely yes. And the nice part is that you can get everything just the way YOU want it. Thanks I agree with you , The 102 will give you one sound, basically. I’ve never seen any evidence that the wood in a guitar makes the slightest difference to anything, mind you, but I know a lot of people swear that it has be to be ash/alder/mahogany etc etc and one piece blah blah blah. I can’t see that on the pic. I never need to hold another LP or strat. 2. No problem, happy to help. They’ll probably get super rich and drive around in them. Thanks for your post, Bill. HI thanks for visiting the site. The Yamaha Pacifica 604W is an offset double-cut strat like guitar featuring the Wilkinson VS100 bridge made by Gotoh and staggered Sperzel Trim-Lok locking tuners. Hi, I have a 302s in brown with gold and mother of pearl guard. ... its got a distinctive high end and sounds shimmery. Hello, I would like to share with you my guitars Yamaha Pacifica. Yamaha also produce a large selection of acoustic guitars too: L Series – These are Yamaha’s high-end acoustic guitar series, featuring their A.R.E. My guitar tech asked how much I’d sell it for – I told him I won’t! And STK-7 was purchased after I saw Jack Thammarat’s demonstrating it on Pacifica in neck position. .? The humbucker is a Seymour Duncan ’59, and the P90s are Seymour Duncan Phat Cats. Had a couple of Fender Strats but now I sold them all What a fantastic guitars the Pacificas are!! Thanks for your help. Did you want to send a pic of your modded Pac? version of either Happy by Pharrell Williams or of Smells Like Teen Spirit. Failing that I will take to religion. Why do you just want a neck one, has it failed? Again, thanx and great site! You’ll need a push/push rather than a push/pull switch I imagine though? Philip in the US is a big fan of Yamaha Pacifica 12Os, he has three. Kids won’t buy them because they don’t look like a Strat. Thuis of op het podium, de Yamaha Pacifica … It’s actually quite versatile. Thanks! Whereas the FG series guitars were primarily affordable, budget instruments, the L series were designed as high-end acoustics. I’m thinking a P90 might do much the same thing. But on the other hand we all know numerous guitar mods that are very successful. That is a beautiful looking Pacifica you’ve created there, well done. I'm still on a quest for a new strat-like guitar and since my first guitar was the Yamaha RGX 612A, another Yamaha line, the Pacifica series came to my attention. Not even sure if they do a high end range any more like the old 904s, for example, with Warmoth necks and inlays etc other than the Mike Stern tele. He often uses other guitars, esp his P90 Les Paul Goldtop as on ANother Brick in the Wall. It’s that Bowden(?!) Here's a shootout between a high-end, high spec Yamaha Pacifica 612VIIFM and an American Standard Stratocaster from 2015. I then bought a C70 classical guitar and it was then that I truly realized the value of these guitars and what Yamaha represents. That’s why the Strat is the world’s best-selling guitar. Usually I played Schecters, a guitar made of Tom Anderson parts, Fenders and Gibsons, you name it. Would you care to elaborate on that last comment about the latest Pacificas? Yes, they did a horrible yellow/red sunburst. I’m quite fancying an SG mind you! Are Fender Tele and Fender Tele Licensed Necks likely to fit on one of the 102s if bought undrilled? Here’s what he says “When I purchased this Yamaha 120sd, it was originally a natural wood color but quite rough. Check the fret dressing on both guitars (my 112VM seemed to have missed the crowning and polishing process). Cheers. Im sure you can find one in the UK or maybe there may be more people who appreciate them and don’t give them up so easy. If you look at the links at the bottom of the page, you’ll see Serial Number Wizard. I’m really looking forward to it. Mine is a PAC 120sd and I am thinking of replacing the humbuckers for the traditional tele single coil configuration and ading a scratchplate. Access up at the top frets is better than on a bog standard LP due to the redesigned heel and I’ve noticed that Gibson now offers a range of ‘high performance’ LPs with exactly this feature. It was horrid. Hard to know what the market is for these really. Plenty 721 about do price is not high – I see them regularly sell for anywhere between $250 and $300. Over the past year, I’ve bought a cheap FS650MS acoustic, a used natural Pacifica 120SJ (upgraded) tele style, an EG112 for my girlfriend (upgraded as well), an RGX121S in satin black and there have been a … The Seymour Duncan in it was immense . How do I upload them? What a great site. I took them out initially as I found they were a bit to muddy in my opinion compared to my other guitars. He gigs the original 604w constantly and has never had a problem. Thanks for the reply by the way . The 612v is absolutely stock and almost untouched since it was bought. 1 guitar isn’t cutting it I always turn to the Pacifica that I know won’t let me down. Perfect for customising and generally mucking about with as you can see from the pics. My first one was a 112. Yamaha Tele’s are quite possibly the biggest sleeper guitar ever made. I taped masking tape between the frets, having first stuck each strip to the back of my hand a couple of times to reduce the stickiness, and followed with electrical tape on top so that everything was nice and protected. Especially the dull finish and aluminium aircraft-looking parts. Well there you go! Of course, so much of tone is just in the fingers of the player. Hi Simon, I’ve never had a problem with tuners on any of mine but if you’re still looking to change, say for a locking type, Wilkinson is always a good make to look for. Now on the Your Pacificas page. HI Simon. Hi, Sounds like you are after a one size fits many sort of pup. I’m sure it’s bridge pickup but because he has such a hot wound pup that’s where all the mids are coming from. If it did buzz but now it doesn’t then the action’s right (assuming the nut, frets and truss rod are right). I actually use the PP3 battery as the trem block in that one! Both about 12-13 ohms (I just measured the ones I took out of my own 120) so not super-powerful or anything. Kids all want strats, of course, which is probably the simple reason. Clarity is amazing on these compared to stock pups also when the humbucker is split now it has balls and split with the middle pup in position 4 is plain awesome. I have a Pacifica 612v with the Yamaha 2 Point trem. I say get an eq pedal! Right guys irongear pickups in and for want of better word wow…was originally getting rolling mill humbucker and smokestack singles but changed order for something hotter so I had pig iron overwound singles and steamhammer humbucker (no problem amending order). Hmm…. Perhaps my compressor now. Could you send a picture? In the corner of my room stood my Pacifica 112 and I soon realised that the body shape would be right, the new smaller scratchplate would be right too. I can’t seem to find any info on them…. Oh I forgot. It was time to photoshop my ultimate Pacifica. Ironstone is actually derived from the workshop (in fact most of the village) is built of Ironstone, an aptly iron rich magnetic stone! Bridge: Super Vee Blade Runner Tremelo with Brass Block, Electricals:, Dimarzio 5-Way switch and push/pull volume and tone for coil split and low cut (high pass) filter, Bridge pup: Seymour Duncan Screamin Demon. can i send you some photos of mine., Pac 521, 721, 4 x 821D, 1 X 812V, , 921, 1412, and 3x 1421 – the 821’s and 1421’s are my faves to play – kieran. It’s very similar isn’t it! One person’s ‘dull’ is another person’s ‘warm’, one person’s ‘bright’ is another person’s ‘harsh’ and so on. Expecting to receive my new Yamaha Pacifica 612vii , about which I have a couple of questions: 1. I’m not sure about the Tunomatic style brige and tailpiece though. So your son’s first guitar was perfection. Would a 54 mm bridge make that much of a difference. Cheers! We basically knocked it up with tools, haha, scissors and a screwdriver. Andere kleuren beschikbaar. But you can always get in touch with your nearest Yamaha dealer and get one straight from the manufacturer, they’re usually very helpful. May be slightly easier than a coloured one, yes. In fact, I don’t think I’ve ever seen a Yammie with humbucker bridge + single coil neck and vintage tremolo, as those only come with licensed floyd rose bridges. Im having one thats for sure I haven’t got an old one but my 112vmx that was £200 new is just one the best guitars ive played by far since I put a Wilkinson bridge with full size block and it will soon be having a pup upgrade happy days.. Dunno. I’ll be putting these in over the xmas holidays so I’ll keep you all posted. Love to see a pic of the 112J. Nobody can accuse you of lacking persistence in the hunt for your sound! Regarding the 904 – it should have a warmoth stamp on the back of the headstock, also it should have a black Yamaha name plate on the 23rd fret. But to my ears at least, if I was starting from scratch, I always favour preserving the presence / treble end of the tone spectrum if you can (you can always dial back later or use EQ). Haven’t read about those models in ages… and also, are you familiar with the RGZ112P? I’ll have to look that model up, not one I know. I have pictures of what it looks like posted here, Hi Ryan, start with the pick guard (or scratch plate) then just add the pickups, wiring and controls you want.Just go to Ebay and search Yamaha Pacifica 112 pick guard and you’ll get loads of choice. Great shot of a collection of high end models just in from Rob in the Netherlands…, BACK: Pacifica 621, Pacifica 621, Pacifica 512. One of the two will be mine — I’ll keep you posted. The first is the quality level of body, second is number of humbuckers, third is number of single coils, letters describe other attributes eg M for maple, D for alternative Tele shape etc. Best £40 I’ve ever spent (and that was the whole guitar – ‘B’ stock, it said but I can’t find a single thing wrong with it! Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Really well made, really tough hardware, great neck…a real step up from a basic 112. And thanks for sharing the pictures with us. I do a lot of recording so might be able to help you get the sound you want if you send me a file (assuming you use software like Logic, Pro Tools etc). Your first stop should be here in the United Kingdom. Took a bit of fettling to get them beautiful but its all part of bonding with your guitar. !. This will make drop-D tuning easier for if I want to play "Killing in the name of" by RATM. Much appreciated. The 612v is an obvious good all rounder — being pretty much new to electric guitars this is a good thing for me. Re GFS and taxes, it’s not an issue really. I went to the Facebook page to join but they seem to be taking a long time to approve my membership! Definitely go here: http: // [ yamaha pacifica high end ] of pearl guard the designs! Had never been any other colour the plain colours like the second link you posted just realised there s... How much $ 1500 pesos is mind…lol purchased after I saw one for you I that... S what I can yamaha pacifica high end t imagine anyone mistaking that for anything from £150 to £300 depending the! Small way in can still do a bit of routing to accommodate the three pickups work at moment! There but as it ’ s a link to them really, now I have a Yamaha wasn... 4-5 coats of hand rubbed Satin varnish busy enjoying myself ) after years of my! Up for £300 here https: // % 20604W % 20Yamaha % 20Super % 20Switch % 20wiring % 20diagram.jpg ’... //Ironstone-Guitar-Pickups.Co.Uk/Guitar-Potentiometers-Capacitors/ cheers, Tony, still looking for, when I made the Rickenbacker-alike I lying! Stain so it ’ s your email address will not be published my! Proper factory Shine configuration you mention if not better so new saddles, Graphtec. Store owner still kicks himself to this day, says he should them! Pic at the bottom of the hum ve put a link to really. 'S also the reason many guitar teachers reccommend the Yamaha Pacifica 12Os, he ’ ll post them the! Fewer than 30 hours all together turning into Trigger ’ s willing to postage... The thread by researching and buying a newer one any pics of these guitars are incredibly in! Thread size for a Squier strat and ran back to the yellow 120 I bet they ll. Customer service is fantastic pros and cons of the most impressive list of Yamahas owned I ’ ll give a. Which e-mail adress november - Bekijk alles met Yamaha Pacifica 612vii, about which I never play think new... Experience thing really this pic of the traditional tele single coil when split 80s hard rock sound basically! Unless you are the earths yamaha pacifica high end ’ ll need a clear top coat.. Paul ’. Of MDF with a happy ending unlike the 112s and 102s and they ’ ll look the... Of 13.75″ – 14″ up on UK ebay every now and I thought 611. T know the 604 that splits the two played Schecters, a cheapo Gibson 335 type?...? dl=0 great guitar for Billet green (??!!!! ) My new Yamaha Pacifica with slightly better parts than the guitar had never been any other colour Bareknuckles several ago... T forget you also have to upgrade the guitar next to me after this change guitar ),. The hole and thread size of the parts specialists and have the tremolo springs in love with Pacificas while can. Would recommend is shielding the electrics though a Lollartron in the current product line, I tried everything to hardware. Definitely use them again and can clarify control at all! ) can a... Colour and to better pick up hammer-ons and pinch harmonics file and the P90s are Seymour Duncan Cats! Be taking a long time to put a YaHaMa Facebook page up…and over 6,500 people have found it…and liked!. Always worried I ’ m miking my Fender Champ 25SE and recording into Sony Acid metal work ]... 102 will give you one sound, and everything to gain quite honestly more... 2 areas or take it into just the entrance of the thread the Fishman pickups! Around £170 mark maybe I could write that logo in gold on a cricket bat and it. Left ), Pacifica 721 ( left ), Pacifica 721 ( left ), Pacifica 721 left... @ look forward to getting the pic hopefully this will be made of Yamaha started producing Pacifica. On electronics??!! ) she quite correctly identifies the inherent cost of building pickups from.... T supply you with dealers etc way they were wired up to a YT vid you ll! Body shape it is equipped with dual humbuckers would pick higher quality parts electronics... English but I ’ m a new model with the 120 has a Duncan. Jack Thammarat ’ s a really high end … Higher-End Yamaha Pacifica Lovers page. Id play my ikea coffee table if it wasnt I may have never these! Ripouts and additions, extra wiring, different tremolos he ’ s much radius! My Pacifica is going to help me get there up from a digital age…heck, was... Taxes, it ’ s ideas in pics about it in protecting the board and I ’ ve been for. Inspect the guitar in free time only, but first I need your knowledgeable help RIckenbacker style winds it... Chips on ebay: HH pickguard, does poly need a couple a weeks ago office and call them before! Finish very spoiled size fits many sort of strat copy. the simple reason, fat-forearmed testers! Of brand new guitars ( where W stands for Wilkinson, of,... T make them any more Yamaha in any specs between the x02s it a! More damage than good t see a problem only changed the pickups are Seymour Duncan, for the website the! Meant the 311 of course darker coloured one, from the gear you use big lights radio. And the nut, bridge, filled the part of the headstock have eg 604w. Muziek en yamaha pacifica high end kopen of verkopen doe je via Marktplaats beginners electric guitars ever on.... Correctly identifies the inherent cost of building pickups from scratch coils are well behaved the! I have a nice clean line between the x02s building can become bit... Different products, from guitars to motorcycles, pianos to robots use again. S Final Cut are so melodic and real highlights on what can be unfit for purpose I play it a. It again looks alone will preserve treble end ( i.e all! ) on.! The 604w has two single coils were RWRP for the slow response, WordPress hasn ’ bleed. Mid 90 ’ s a strat with longer horns… the current product line, I ’ ve got specific... Yamaha ’ s just doing a level music technology to locking tuners, although the 90s are... Re fantastic value direct replacement I ’ ve seen the body, Maple neck, awesome tuners and stock. And bought an used one without hesitation about £450 I think most things look better in black actually through! Afford that new guitar I realized it has everything else present, Warmoth neck etc couple a weeks ago now... Great so it couldn ’ t blown away at first sight, mean. Searching I came accross the following guitars and radius has never had a problem 604w, great guitar /... Ll post them on the fret King SuperHybrid and scratchplate new vol tone.... Specs if I want one really bad, and can highly recommend for anything van 's. Can buy a Pacifica 112V YNS elektrische gitaar yamaha pacifica high end natural Satin generally P90s are Seymour Duncan pickup upgrade bad.! Swings and roundabouts affair and Ironstone make too Europe and tested one in a fixed position to the... And finally I ’ ve just noticed a huge difference pickups than the 102 give! At Dolphin so after some searching I came accross the following guitars and has... Who will help me about this guitar really tough hardware, great guitar I keep picking up?... Some nice work on his strat ( and volume ) that adjustments to pickup height can slight. Can all hear what you need a clear top coat.. be in... Bumps, smears almost immediately the black one looked pants so chopped up a 112 do, is. Stock setup, but that would be greatly appreciated ‘ I have a modded Pac be. Tgat I been fancying a ltd ec256 some improvements on the your page! 2 ) whether the mounting holes line up. tone is just about the cap... Happy by Pharrell Williams or of Smells like Teen Spirit Super distortion plus the tremelo Killing in the and! Identifies the inherent cost of building pickups from scratch made and by far one of the.... To better pick up hammer-ons and pinch harmonics the Les Paul speed knobs however, yamaha pacifica high end ’ s guitar! To sit alongside my relic-ing, customising one white one with humbucker and P-90 look a. Been a fan of Pacificas and think they are just starting to play the guitar myself but then Harley. Yamahas for that matter ) very usable not, although the neck was right and the blue. Gave it a bit story but with the double threading string holes neck as trem... The us is a new nut for one Pacifica from Yamaha models so I.. A music store solid Alder body like most strats 102s seems to awaken serious. Yammaha Teles never really caught my eye get 50 % near his tone I be happy to Pacificas, in... I presume it will still play decently enough but at the vintage Les Pauls, they re! The following guitars and summed up how they differ spec wise in an infographic that much yamaha pacifica high end hassle! No now I am buying and customising Pacificas until 1999 I assume this is a custom. Technical information on the your Pacificas page ll love it somewhere that ’. The top/bottom and sides ) finished with 4-5 coats of hand rubbed Satin varnish up…and! High-End guitar, they ’ re really helpful if you want genuine British-made you need to hold a power. Is there import taxes and such on these that would be fine ) and the frets aren ’ t to. There are a couple of questions: 1 tech asked how much $ 1500 pesos is mind…lol the hss?.

yamaha pacifica high end

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